Physical Education


MISSION STATEMENT:  We believe that one’s physical fitness contributes to an improved quality of life.  We encourage students to establish habits that will promote a lifetime of fitness and health.  Students will be encouraged to be critical and informed thinkers, as well as effective communicators.  Students find enjoyment in fitness activities and games that will carry them through life, while being responsible members of society and collaborative workers. 
UNIFORMS:  Uniform scholarships are available. Green, black or  gray sweats may be worn over the uniform for outdoor classes when the weather is cold.  Clothing should be marked so it can be identified if lost or stolen. Damaged uniforms will require a new uniform to be purchased.  For safety and personal hygiene, only those students dressed in the uniform will be permitted to participate. No jewelry; wearing it can be dangerous.  
SHOES:   Shoes must be standard athletic shoes, laced and appropriate for exercise.   
LOCKERS:  Students must remain in assigned lockers with the combination lock provided.  Do not share lockers with other students and do not bring valuables to school.  The P.E. Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 
SECURITY:  The locker room is locked during the class period.  Teachers will be the last ones out, securing the doors.  Late students will not be admitted for any reason, tardy or otherwise.  All restrooms concerns must take place during the “changing period” because locker room restrooms will be closed during the activity portion of the period.  We encourage appropriate behavior in the locker rooms at all times: graffiti, horseplay, littering, and other destructive activities will not be tolerated. 
MEDICAL CONCERNS:  There is a district exemption form, which can be obtained from the P.E. staff for any disability or condition that restricts or prohibits participation.  This must be obtained during the first week of the semester.  Students who do not participate will not receive credit.  Students with asthma must bring their inhalers to class daily.  Students who cannot participate in the regular class activities for a prolonged period (more than two weeks) will be put on a Modified Program consisting of tailored physical activity and/or written assignments.  These students must provide a physician’s note, and they will receive a pass/fail grade for the semester. 
  • Credit is given for participation.  Attendance is mandatory.  Missed classes must be made up just like other classes on campus, whether the absence is excused or because of suit cut (non-dress). Make up sessions for all P.E. classes take place on each Thursday of the last three weeks of each six weeks’ grading period.  
  • Students report at 2:55 on the track in full P.E. uniform on the track or under the covered walkways on rainy days.  Students are to run two miles within 24 minutes. Only one absence may be made up during each make-up session.  
  • For absences at the end of the grading period, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate the make up with the teacher.  
Teachers may elect an alternative method of make up work.  Students who miss skill, written, or performance tests must arrange a makeup with their individual instructor.  This is a job skill.  We encourage students to take responsibility for their own education by being conscientious and by developing patterns of communication in which they speak up for themselves. 
SAFETY:  THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS IS A TOP PRIORITY.  Safety is taught at each teaching station.  All on and off  campus activities require that specific safety rules be followed.  This is an essential part of our curriculum.  Unsafe actions by  students can result in injury to themselves, others, and equipment. Deliberate damage to school equipment will require  students to be responsible for compensation. 
ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT:  Cell phones, IPODs, and all other electronic devices are prohibited during all class sessions.  Abuse of this policy will result in the equipment being confiscated.  
A   - will be given for each of the six weeks’ grading periods if a student: 
  1. Attends class daily, is punctual, and has made up all work for absences, suit cuts and inappropriate behavior. 
  2. Participates fully and follows safety rules. 
  3. Shows improvement on skill, written, and fitness tests. 
  4. Demonstrates improved interpersonal skills in groups as a leader or team member in all situations, especially with diverse cultural groups.
  5. Shows improved skills of speaking, listening, writing, attendance, and punctuality.  
  6. Has no mark downs due to profanity, abuse of equipment or any other inappropriate behavior. 
  7. Earns an “A” on the written work (tests, papers, projects or notebooks).  

The following grade will be given

B:   on any one occasion of unmade up work and demonstrates numbers 1 - 7 above 

C:    on any two occasions of unmade up work and demonstrates numbers 1- 7 above 

D: on any three occasions of unmade up work and demonstrates numbers 1- 7 above 

F:    if there are 4 or more occasions of unmade up work during each 6-week  grading period

Pass/Fail:   for students who cannot participate for more than three weeks. 

•12 or more occasions of unmade up work during a semester will result in an “F” for the semester.