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Fact Checking Sites

Concerned about the reliability of information found online? 
Use these recommended sites to check the source. - checks the factual accuracy of statements 

Open Secrets - tracks donors, interests groups, PACs

Pew Research Center - nonpartisan research on journalism & media

RAND - objective analysis of public policy issues - researches rumors & hoaxes

Southern Poverty Law Center - research on hate groups

WhoIs Directory - lists who owns domain names

List provided by LibGuides at Cabrillo College:

The Harbor High School Library provides access to a variety of resources including books, online databases, computers, printing, and services to support students academically.  The library and student-use computers are available before, during and after school as listed below.

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday

7:30am - 4:00pm

Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm

Learning Center

Tuesday - Thursday

2:45- 4:00pm

Teachers and tutors are available for all subject areas with study space, computers, textbooks, and snacks. Get help with your homework or prepare for a test.

After School Learning Center picture.jpg